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What's Smoking In DC

DC's Initiative 71 

"Recreational Cannabis Sharing and the District"

"WHAT'S THE 411"


"Recreational Legal but not Easily Accessible"

Recreational is not as recreationally available as one visiting or living in the District of Columbia may believe it to be or experience. DC has some very unclear murky laws and rules. `

I am a Colorado Native where recreational use of Cannabis is truly recreational. "Meaning you can literally visit a store as a Resident or Non Resident and legally purchase "Marijuana" if you are 21yrs or older with appropriate identification and no medical card. Before becoming a resident of the District I must say I was well confused with what was going on with this recreational sharing system. My confusion I learned is well valid but where there is dark there is also light. My blog is to help educate and share some light.


Adults 21 and older can possess up to two ounces of marijuana, grow up to six plants, and gift up to one ounce of pot to other adults 21 and older, but sales remain banned", as Washington, D.C.'s ballot initiative process does not allow spending mandates such as commercialization would require. 


District of Columbia is a "Special Federal District" and not a State therefore it does not have voting representation in Congress but residents still have to pay tax just like everyone else in states that do have representation. How about that? It not that other States are better, bad, wrong or special for making cannabis really recreational available. States like "Colorado, Washington and California and Orgeon" have constructed a way where that it can be taxed and tallied, they have Representation and money obviously. They have come up with a system that allows "Medical Dispensaries" to exist and be taxed. "Recreational Facilities" are also now legally registered and they are also taxed! Cannabis sharing and it's medical benefits is a Multi Billion Dollar Industry, but the District has failed to get it together because of budget restraints and not having "Congressional Representation". This may be a long, long, road for the District. It is allowed for recreational use in the District but Federally this may be a different story. Use caution. DC Law Enforcement Agents are pretty mid way about things but I wouldn't suggest lighting it up in front of them even if you are on your own front porch!

 The question still lies. Where do I retrieve my Cannabis Gift?  Who can I contact that will safely share with me? Who can I trust? No worries I got you covered below!

After some extensive reading, researching, visiting "Pop Ups Venues". Going to several "Medical Marijuana Dispensaries" and meeting with "Recreational Vendors" in Washington DC that deliver, this is what I have for you.


  • 1. You cannot visit a "Recreational Store" in Washington DC and buy Cannabis. Stop asking, it does not exist, things are PRIVATELY SHARED for a reason"Be Cool" 

  • 2. You can not legally Buy /Sell any amount of Cannabis or Infused Marijuana Products in the District of Columbia without a medical card! Stop asking Recreational Sharing Vendors what they charge and where their store is. "You are not being Cool!

  • 3. Do not contact "Recreational Sharer's" asking "Dispensary Questions". Get a medical card! "You are not being Cool!

  • 4. You can not Smoke or Consume marijuana on public space or anywhere to which the public is invited.

  • 5. You cannot Smoke and Drive. This is still considered driving under the influence.


  • 1. You can reach out to a "Recreational Sharing Vendor" or visit a "Pop Up" and ask for it to be SHARED/GIFTED normally a donation is suggested. There is a serious trust system that takes place with this. You have to be Cool!

  • 2. You can visit a "Medical Dispensary" but you will need to have a Medical Marijuana Card to purchase it and most likely a real medical issue to get the card.

  • 3. You can sit back and enjoy your share package/ delivered gift in Washington DC with "Sharing Vendors" if you are cool!



So you are looking for "Recreational Cannabis in DC"?

I feel you but recreational use of marijuana is not necessarily your issue. Recreational use and "SHARING" of cannabis for resident's and non residents is legal and allowed. Your issue is where to get it!

First and foremost "BE COOL" District Of Columbia is not "California, Colorado or Washington State". Washington DC has a profound Cannabis Sharing Community that will be happy to share with you. If you are not doing the things mentioned above stated  "NOT COOL"

The below Vendors are stacked on deck and willing to share if you are cool. Free Marijuana with Purchase; is a way to share not sell. Donations is a way that you are supporting the movement and the Vendor's capability to share with you! DC Medical Marijuana card holders can buy from DC Dispensaries; locals can also join DC Cannabis Collectives if know them, and if you don’t know a local DC Grower, your last option is to find one of many local companies who give Free Cannabis with Share Donations. How Cool is that? The Below will get you off and on your way to a "TOKERS BLISSFULLNESS"

 Blazin Canna Creations: "Same Day Delivery Sharing Provider" Exotic Flowers, Hemp Juice and Infused Edibles. Complete your order online and they will confirm. Once confirmed you will meet in a secure common DC location. The delivery time is about 2hrs or so after order confirmation. No membership required and they have a pre-order option that can save time if you have time restraints. They can be also contacted if needed which is nice and the website is transparent. Pricing on Infused infused products and flowers is purposely not listed as they are not for sale. You have to order one of their gift packages to receive your exotic shareable. Great Product Quality and a Trusted Option. 

Washington DC Cannabis Events: "Eventbrite" Normally this is a "Pop Up Location's" being advertised unless otherwise indicated. "Group Sharing". Be Careful this is not for amateurs and probably not a good ideal for random visitors and amateur tokers. You must know what you want. You also need transportation. You will need to be invited to receive their address. You will experience a meet and greet platform with several people and a lot of floors. There are several sharing options if you are in the mood to mingle.

Canna Infused Treats: "Same Day Delivery Sharing Provider" they are a good option if you are in the mood for gummies, vapes, and great specialty flowers. Delivery is about 2hrs or so once your  order is confirmed. They are a bit more pricey than the average but their flowers are very rare and exquisite. They will also meet with you at a agreed upon location. Trusted Option. 

Joint Delivery: "Same Day Delivery Sharing Provider" they have vapes and shatter ect. The issue I have with Joint Delivery is their "Website" is not as transparent as one would prefer. You don't really know what you are getting. They also do not converse with you via phone so don't try to call. Trusted Option. No membership required the last I checked.


  • Flowers = "Cannabis Strains"

  • Share = "Donation"

  • Gifting =  Typically these are the items listed with "Suggested Donation"

  • Pop Up = "Recreational Physical Sharing Location" "Normally this is either a privately owned home in DC or secret location. You Must Be Real Cool Here! If you get an invite don't go in on the 20/20! Sometimes they have entry fees.

  • Meet up = Delivery meet up "NOT A STORE" Stop asking for their store address! They do not have one. This is not allowed in Washington DC unless you are a medical dispensary. It doesn't matter how good their site look!

  • Delivery = "Meet Up / Meet Up" They will deliver and meet up with you in a agreed upon location in DC

  • Free Weed = "Donation Expected" Be cool and ask what's their suggested donation. Nothing is really free in this world! Don't be Naïve' 

  • When asked "What do you need"? = "Know what you want" explore their listed options and menu. Straight forward and established sharing vendors will typically have one. 

  • Do Your Own Weed Research = "Recreational Vendors are not Medical Advisers". Research before reaching out. 

  • Be Safe = Don't get in the car with anyone if you do not know them! If done properly this is not needed. Vendor Packaging should be on point and discreet! Public sharing should not be a issue! Only you and the person sharing with you know what's in the bag! "BE COOL"


Nothing on this website / blog  should be considered legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. Please respect the marijuana laws during your time in Washington DC. We are freely sharing experiences and general knowledge.

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